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Established in the year 2004, Ambattur Metal Treaters is a foremost name in the Heat Treatment of metal components. We aspire to provide the best quality and experience until and also after the service has been provided to our customers. 

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Location: Chennai Continuous Mesh Belt Furnace with Pre W...

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Located in R.K. PET Facilities available: 7 Gas Carbus...

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We are equipped with state of the art inspection facilites...

Inspection facilities available:

  Rockwell hardness tester Rockwell Superficial Har...
Heat Treatment Processes done:

Hardening & Tempering


Case Hardening

Stress Relieving



Why Heat Treatment ?

During manufacturing, some materials might need to be involved in procedures that alter their grain structure. Heat treatments are a way of using controlled heating and cooling procedures to change metal’s physical properties and improve them to be used in a large range of industries.

 Heat Treatment can alter a material’s physical (mechanical) properties and it aids in other manufacturing steps. It relieves stresses, making the part easier to machine or weld, increases strength, making the material ductile or more flexible, or introduces wear resistance (hardness) characteristics, either just to the surface or right through the part.

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